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Biotechnology satellites terrorism and political careers. Vladimir Putin's end
ISBN 978-9949-30-043-3
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Seemingly disconnected assassinations and mass murders explained. The distribution of this material might lead to the resignation and incarceration of Vladimir Putin and other politicians, security and military officers. Examples of the link between banking and international terrorism. The underworld has had its input in this work, which has no equal in the market and was written under constant torture, satellite attacks on brain / internal organs, threats of imprisonment / deportation and implementation of even more severe methods of dissuasion.
The author was a student in the Polytechnic Institute of Leningrad and was later admitted to USA universities (USF, Cornell University and MIT) and to Dresden Technical University, on whose campuses heavy military crimes and torture were organized and carried out with support of the American and German federal governments. Church - state relations in Iran, Cuba, the USA, Germany, the UK, Russia/USSR and France; their interconnections over a period of more than 30 years. Written in no perfect English, this first edition needs improvement, readers’ suggestions are welcomed. For those who purchase the book in electronic format, a free, improved and updated version might be available for download, through the automatically-emailed sales invoice's reference number (*).
(*) Extracts from email to MH17-aircraft-downing case official. French policemen continue satellite-attacking (military experiments with laser / nuclear technology), even damaged leg's tissue (below image); tampering with my laptop as i work (talking on its audio, turning on/off its fan, "jerking" the hard drive, blocking Internet):

Subject: Email to ongoing-MH17-case official
Date: 2020-05-13 11:42
Brutal satellite-attacks on brain and internal organs by extreme-right French military group continue on May 13th, 2020. Internal pain persists, no money for checkup / medicines, my income blocked. Austrian uniformed policemen taking part (instructions obviously given from France). Email to ongoing MH17 case official:
Date: 2020-04-30 17:23
After the MH17 incident, with the assistance of a Russian-speaking translator (a woman from Ukraine?) i described to Polish immigration authorities the attacks carried out by French military? "researchers" (for instance, targeting the right cheekbone with a sort of laser beam that would produce almost immediate inflammation?).
They have repeatedly caused internal bleedings, applied torture by precise hits on the eyes' cornea and lower areas (Meibomian glands?), with tear inhibition (not even when yawning); have distinctly hit feet, liver, spinal cord, heart, testicles, brain sectors, knees, hands, elbows, esophagus, nerves of teeth, nose, eardrums, etc.. Some of my teeth were purposefully damaged in Paris (i can send you the photos); due to lack of treatment I have lost sizeable jawbone mass (x-ray available), in short: little health problems could turn serious if not taken care of timely.
In Paris I was denied medical assistance (lab analysis falsified); a motorcycle appeared from behind a car (in 2003), the Arabic? driver steered directly towards me and hit me on the right hip (ilium?, the pain lasted months, no doctors' input). With the participation of French policemen I was intentionally infected (images available, effects lasting from 2006 -> nowadays). In 2009, property of mine, in the value of several thousand Euros was effectively stolen at a Paris hostel (11-13 Rue Gambey, 75011, an illegal CIA prison). Not even an investigation by the French police, which had illegally arrested me in 2007, stolen my son's birth certificate / US passport / photographs, burnt a piece of my luggage, forced me to take a pill, etc.
As I mentioned, I was received in 2010 in the HQ of NATO by a member of the Latvian delegation. Shortly afterwards, the invasion of Libya was launched and the Syrian civil war started, with a series of mass killings and assassinations ordered from abroad (also with French involvement from Estonia). French oil companies (military) have sent agents to me (to Poland, Estonia, Austria), some images available; these individuals did not mind my circumstances: I might have been sleeping on streets (or outside), for months, in winter under -15 degrees Celsius, no proper winter shoes (images available), no medical insurance, my income blocked, not even a residence permit (since 2000 until today, i have had residence and work rights in Europe only from 2000-2001 and from 2011-2013).
If the US (and France) distribute roles in international terrorism, to be played by smaller states (sometimes at the cost of the lives of the latter's citizens), how independent and objective can these smaller countries' criminal investigations be? The European Court of Human Rights received two petitions against France, no positive outcome. In a recorded exchange with Austrian policemen, you can hear a little more.
After the MH17 incident: in conversation with a Colonel of the Ukrainian military mission to Poland, he suggested a link between a prior similar incident in Tallinn (documented) and July 16th 2014 (in Kiev, Ukraine). Another colonel of the Ukrainian military in L'vov had menacingly grasped his own throat when walking passed me, with a group of Dutch-speaking tourists photographed in the lobby of a nearby hotel.
MH17 Schiphol Judicial Complex. Estonian police fingerprints requirement:
The residence permit application is completed as well as possible (you might have received a copy by email). Is the assistance of an Estonian attorney recommended in this case? The documents should be posted from Vienna, Austria, no later than Tuesday, April 28th 2020, given delivery time / fingerprints deadline constraints.
I spoke on the phone this morning with the International Criminal Court (The Hague) regarding the participation of Estonian policemen and military personnel in international terrorism (conversation with Colonel of the Ukrainian military mission in the embassy of Ukraine in Warsaw, Poland, after the MH17 incident). Satellite attacks, thefts of private property, torture, etc. continue (these CIA criminals are triggering strong internal pain in the left-lower abdominal area, unknown consequences); company income has been COMPLETELY blocked by them (since 2011), I have no money for medicines / required checkup and treatment.
Could you please briefly advise me? My phone number (available any time): 00***
Thank you.
---------- START ----------
From: PPA Info (info AT politsei DOT ee)
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2020 09:52:36 +0000
Subject: RE: Application photo.
Dear Sir
Thank you.
According to our database, your fingerprints were taken less than years ago (05.10.2015). The application needs to arrive at our board at least one workday before the passing of 5 years since your fingerprints were last taken.
If there are any questions, the official in charge of your application will contact you according to the contact information provided in your application form.
Estonian Police and Border Guard Board
Customer Service 612 3000 (Mon-Fri 9.00-17.00)
---------- END ----------
Subject: Estonian police
Date: 2020-04-21 10:37
Tp: ***@europarl DOT europa DOT eu
Good morning ***!
Yesterday morning I was told on the phone by the consulate section of the Estonian embassy in Vienna (Austria) that consulate services for non-Estonian citizens are unavailable until further notice. The lady remembered my name and the issue and asked me to write them an email, namely: is it, therefore, recommended directly contacting the Estonian police when applying for Estonian residence permit?
Minutes later, a migration adviser of the Estonian police mentioned on the phone that digitalized fingerprints are not required, had they already been taken within the last five years (my isikukood ***). She told me it would be possible to send the application to the Police and Border Guard Administration, at Pärnu mnt 139, 15060, Tallinn. I emailed the application photograph to ppa AT politsei DOT ee (on 20-4-2020 11:24 A.M. CEST).
This application might become cumbersome due to collateral issues of police corruption and CIA covert operations linked (among others) to Russia - USSR - Cuba - Syria ("military medical experiments", brutal assassinations, mass killings, systematic racial discrimination, etc.); therefore, I would like to ask you to use your influence to guarantee the police issue me the necessary documents, and avoid further international complications, since i will not hesitate for a moment to retaliate.
The International Criminal Court and the European Court of Human Rights have been informed.
Thank you for your understanding.
Conclusions (copied and pasted from another email):
The Estonian Residence Permit application file, showing all data (6.25 MB PDF), available by email.
1. The Estonian police are involved in international terrorism, human trafficking, violations of human rights, illegal military medical experiments, thefts of private and company property, issuing "semi-legal" registration numbers (to be used for manipulation purposes), etc. They have also discriminated against me by refusing the extension of my original residence permit (2011-2013, a policewoman at the immigration office on Viimsi Street, who told me that ~"the agreement between them and me was over", was photographed) and then in 2015 by refusing again a residence permit (I appealed against their decision at the Tallinn Administrative Court, whose judge ruling read ~"even if everything that i was saying (regarding the participation of Estonian policemen and military personnel in afore-mentioned crimes) were true, the police's refusal was OK, since it was based on the law"). I have spent thousands of Euros in a company, which due to police and military sabotage has yielded NO money since 2011.
2. Above-mentioned illicit police activities continue today; with CIA participation civilians have been recently killed, even children. I can provide concrete information regarding the (ongoing) participation of the Estonian police. Estonian "civilians" have been used in Vienna, one of them was caught on camera. Last week I contacted the International Criminal Court. The European Court of Human Rights has also been informed.
3. Without the Estonian Residence Permit I cannot perform the necessary company functions; having the ERP is a necessary but not sufficient condition for company income (e.g.: ongoing malicious sabotage). Lots of work have accumulated in the last years, without tested programming solutions finding financially-sound applications.
4. The "defense" scams of the Estonian State will rapidly collapse, when presenting evidence of high-level political involvement in mentioned international (punkt 1 violations and crimes), meaning: from the top of the pyramid downward.
Schiphol Judicial Complex contacted on April 28th 2020, with regard to MH17 proceedings. French policemen keep satellite-attacking (brain - internal organs / external tissue, even while sleeping), talking on my laptop, tampering with its fan - harddisk.


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Biotechnology satellites terrorism and
political careers. Vladimir Putin's end


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